Weston Title I Program Abstract

SY 2020-2021

Title I is the federal program that provides funding to local school districts to improve the academic achievement of students not yet showing proficiency. Weston is a school wide Title I school, meaning all students are eligible to receive services from Title I staff and/or use materials purchased with Title I funds.

In Manchester, Title I services are provided by Certified Instructors and/or Math/Literacy Intervention Specialists in groups that typically range from 3-5 students. Students are selected based on the results of assessments such as the online i-Ready Reading and Math Diagnostics, along with teacher input on students’ math and literacy performance. This year, we will also have data from the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS). We currently have one Intervention Specialist, Linda Lee, who works with Kristin Bertel, our Reading Specialist, to oversee the school’s Title I program and provide professional development to teachers so that they have the tools needed to assist our most struggling learners. Mrs. Lee uses the Leveled Literacy Intervention system to address reading fluency, word solving, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Weston also has a part-time Title I funded Social Worker who provides students and families with access to supports within the school and community.

At Weston, Title I funds have been used to purchase supportive technology such as document cameras, digital projectors and large class monitors that allow teachers to use technology as an interactive tool. Title I funds have also purchased supplementary reading and math materials that enable teachers to differentiate instruction according to students’ strengths and needs, as well as professional books that help teachers advance their teaching practices.

Our goals are always to help our students reach their greatest potential, to develop strong relationships with families, and to encourage parent involvement at Weston. We do this through parent nights and family events, which will be held virtually this year. With our parents as partners in education, Weston will achieve its greatest success. If you have any questions about Weston’s Title I program, please feel free to contact Kristin Bertel by calling 624-6347 (Ext. 1216) or emailing at kbertel@mansd.org.