September Weston Waves


Sept. 4 Labor Day - No School

Sept. 5 K - 5 Student’s First Day

Sept. 8 Preschool - First Day

Sept. 12 PTO Meeting/Volunteer Orientation 6:30

Sept. 14 Open House 6:00-6:45 Grades K-2 6:45- 7:30 Grades 3-5

Sept. 15 Fundraiser Kick Off 9:00

Sept. 19 City Primary Voting Day - No School - Teacher Workshop Day

Sept. 22 PTO Movie Night 6:30

Sept. 29 Spirit of Weston Assembly 9:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Welcome Back to Everyone,

This promises as always to be a very busy year. Weston School now includes 3 new preschool classrooms servicing students ages 3 and 4. We have several new staff members that we would like to welcome Mrs.Cloutier-prek, Mrs. Ducharme-prek, Ms. Weiss-prek, Mrs. Rembis-special ed,

Mrs. Coulon- K, Ms. Bertel-reading specialist, Mr. Braun para, Ms. Cox para, Mrs. Cardinal para, Mrs. Masson para, Ms. Coloumb para, and Ms. Harvey para. This has been quite a summer putting our new staff in place.

This year we are excited once again to be collaborating with Southern New Hampshire College in a school-based class experience. We will house three college classes for future educators here at Weston. The college students will be here for their three hour course with one and a half hours of instruction and one and a half hours of working in the classrooms. These students will provide Weston with extra adult support for our students while gaining valuable experience in their future profession. The Math and Science Method courses will provide our students with exploratory math/science through games and activities. We are also in year four of the Lesley University Collaborative five year study of Literacy. This collaboration brings to Weston teachers valuable professional development while delivering quality instruction to our students in the area of literacy

As usual, you will be receiving your Weston folder with lots of important paperwork. I would just like to highlight two things in the folder. First, you will have a copy of the Weston 3B’s which is our conduct code and the Emergency Drills at a Glance sheet. Please keep these posted in your home for easy reference. Open House is on September 14th. Classroom presentations will be divided into two time frames for those families with more than one child. Primary K-1 will present from 6:00 to 6:45 and intermediate will present from 6:45 to 7:30.

We look forward to seeing everyone the first day of school. Teachers will be holding their grade level flags for easy identification as you look for your teacher and Kindergarten students will gather by the building doors near the portable. Please be courteous to each other at drop off and if you choose to stay please park on the side streets. There will be no parking on Michigan and Briar. We will gather outside in the playground for the first 4 days until 8:30. Starting on the 11th students will enter directly into school from the playground starting at 8:30. Students having breakfast may enter at 8:15 and go directly to the cafeteria. Students should not be on the playground before 8:30. There is no supervision.

Thank you and welcome back for another exciting year.

Mrs. Mac and Mr. C