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Play Ground Safety Rules

Please review the playground safety guidelines with your child.
These guidelines are to be followed before, during and after school.
Playground Area - All areas covered with wood chips. Keep off all equipment when it is wet.
Sneakers Only - No sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots.
No Running or tagging games - On or under the playground area. Do not stand or hang around under the equipment.
Slides - Only travel down the slides. No climbing up. Children must be in a sitting position with feet extended out in front of body. No going down slides on tummy, head first, laying down, trains, or climbing over the side edges of the slide.
Ladder- Remember personal space. Don't crowd each other. Wait your turn. No jumping off the landing.
Balance Beam - Do not push kids off the beam. No tug of war games.
Bars - Do not stand on any bars (orange parallel, red or green bars). Practice front support to casting off the parallel bars. Challenge yourself with "hand-walking" across parallel bars.
Dome - Move slowly - do not crowd other kids - remember personal space. Don't stand on the top of the dome. Challenge yourself to move around the dome. Up, over, and down can also be challenging and fun!
Monkey Bars - Swing from rung to rung, no hanging upside down.
Play Fair, Play Safe, and Have Fun!
Weston Mural

Peace, Love and Community Mosaic

A few years ago, students in grades K-5 created 4 mosaics for the front of the school.

The theme was Peace, Love and Community.

Congratulations to all for a beautiful project and a special thank you to our talented art teacher Heather Roy and all the parent volunteers.