Parent Letters

August 24, 2022

Dear Weston Parents,

Welcome to the beginning of the new school year. Everything is off to a great start and the school is ready to welcome your children. We are so excited to start the year. There are some important changes this year that we have posted on our web page and the PTO Facebook page but are worth repeating many times before school starts

August 30th

Find out who your teacher is at school between 9-2 Mrs. Mac and Mr. C will be providing you the names. Come see us. If you can’t, make the 30th you can meet your teacher on September 1st at Meet and Greet. * Please do not call the office for your child’s teacher. The information will not be provided by phone or email until 9/2/2022. At that time please send your request to

Teacher Meet and Greet

September 1st from 2-3 in the playground. Join us

Kindergarten Orientation

September 1st 2-3 in the building

First Day of School

Parents are welcome to walk their student on to the playground the first day of school ONLY please park outside of the drop off zone on side streets. After the first day, students should enter the playground independently. Adults will be supervising arrival.

Bus Assignments

Please check the district website for your assigned pick up/ drop off locations. Remember the first several weeks are a bit challenging as we settle into the routine. Buses will experience delays. We will email you if they are running late. Please, when possible, supervise your kiddos at the stops.

**** If you are NEW to Weston there MAY be a one-two week lag in rostering your child on the bus


Breakfast and Lunch are no longer free for all. Free and reduced prices are on the web page and we have emailed flyers.

School hours have been changed by the district. School arrival is at 8:20 and Instruction starts at 8:25. We are aware that this narrows the drop off window to 5 minutes. We can not change the situation so we will all need to be patient and considerate. Three things that will help us are : Kindergarten only will continue to be dropped off in the front of the building, students take bus if qualified, and if parents could prepare their students to get out of the car quickly at drop off with no long goodbyes that would speed things up. Mr. C and I will be out at morning arrival to monitor for the first several weeks.

Arrival and dismissal procedures remain the same. Only the arrival times have changed. Dismissal remains 2:50 for car and walk patrol. Bus dismissal happens as buses arrive. A separate procedure reminder will be sent following this letter to refresh everyone’s memory.


On the academic side , the teachers have been working through professional development to fine tune their instructional skills in Ready math, Amplify Language Arts and our new Cleartouch technology that will enhance instruction in a whole new way. The teachers have been amazing.

You will see the Cleartouch in action at Open house September 15th. Save the Date!


Our PTO is a wonderful organization that does a great deal for our school and students. Please consider joining the PTO or volunteering at events. They are a fun group …join us.

This will be a great year….. Please reach out to us if you have any needs or concerns. We are always available.

Look forward to seeing throughout the upcoming year,

Mrs. Mac

New Staff

We have several new staff members and several staff members in new positions this year that I would like to introduce:

Jessica Huard – Math Interventionist

Anna Morrissette – Reading Interventionist

Taylor Emery – Counselor

Lily Chartrain - Music Teacher

Melvin Berger – Special Education/EBD

Christine Lamy – Gr 5

Danielle Donohue - Gr 5

Melissa Chase - Gr 4

Megan Wilkins /Kay Mulcahy – Gr 3 Job Share

Lea Rembis - Gr 2

Morgan Chase – Gr K

Tanya Columb – Gr K

We are excited to have them join us and look forward to their contributions to our school community!