Mission of Weston Elementary School

It is the mission of Weston School to provide a safe, nurturing, and respectful learning community. We foster intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, creativity, and a high standard of achievement through challenging and creative approaches to the prescribed curriculum. We value the diversity of our students and their unique talents and needs. It is our goal that a well educated child will become a life-long learner and a productive member of the community.

Vision of Weston Elementary School

It is the shared vision of Weston to be a high performing and exemplary school. We will continue to be responsive to change, and innovative in our thinking. We will promote a shared responsibility by all stakeholders to identify, through data collection, initiatives that support continued achievement.

Mission of the Manchester Public Schools

To provide safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environments in which all students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to become life-long learners as well as positive and productive citizens. The success of our schools can only be achieved through collaboration and interdependence with the community. The District is committed to utilizing all resources towards this exciting challenge.

Vision of the Manchester Public Schools

Through the involvement of our families, educators and the community, the Manchester School District provides a safe, supportive, respectful and engaging learning environment which has high expectations for student achievement and embraces diversity. As a result, each student is prepared to be a responsible citizen, lifelong learner, and contributing member of society.