Mission of Weston Elementary School

It is the mission of Weston School to provide a safe, nurturing, and respectful learning community. We foster intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, creativity, and a high standard of achievement through challenging and creative approaches to the prescribed curriculum. We value the diversity of our students and their unique talents and needs. It is our goal that a well educated child will become a life-long learner and a productive member of the community.

Vision of Weston Elementary School

It is the shared vision of Weston to be a high performing and exemplary school. We will continue to be responsive to change, and innovative in our thinking. We will promote a shared responsibility by all stakeholders to identify, through data collection, initiatives that support continued achievement.

Mission of the Manchester Public Schools

Excellence and Equity - Every Classroom - Everyday

Promise of the Manchester Public Schools

Every student in Manchester is known by name, served by strength and need, and graduates ready for college, career, and community.

2021-2024 Weston School Goals

Growing Our Educators

1. Professional development will be expanded to grow the educator. We will be focused on four programs of instruction/curriculum: Amplify, Ready Math, CBE related to math and literacy and Kagan. Both district and school-based PD will be offered to enhance and expand understanding while supporting implementation/demonstration of best practices and curriculum specific instructional practices in the classroom.

2. Educators will effectively use technology to enhance and expand their instruction. This includes current technological tools as well as the use of the newly adopted Cleartouch Panels. Training for this new technology will allow educators to expand their access to information, enhance the students interactive experience and increase engagement.

Growing Our Learners

1. Through careful and thoughtful analysis of all available data related to student’s academics and attendance, the educators will identify areas of growth and areas of need. Individually, and as a team, we will continue to support the areas of growth while systematically addressing the areas of need. Areas of need will be improved through programming adjustments, professional development (instruction) and student interventions.

Manchester School District Goals

Goal #1: Grow Our Learners

Goal #2: Grow Our Educators

Goal #3: Grow Our System

Goal #1: Grow Our LearnersGoal #1: Grow Our Learners Goal #2 : Grow Our Educators Goal # 3: Grow Our System Goal #2 : Grow Our Educators Goal # 3: Grow Our System