Dress Code

As published in the Policies & Procedures Manual of the

Manchester School District

Student Dress Code

Students 117.

Appropriate attire is required of all students during each school day and at all school functions. Appropriate attire is defined as clean clothing that is free of holes or tears that would be reasonably deemed not to violate limits of decency, that appropriately covers the body, as defined in section 2 and that helps maintain a healthy and safe environment in school. Further, expecting students to practice good personal hygiene is part of this school dress policy.

School personnel have the responsibility of enforcing the student dress code policy both in their classrooms and on school grounds. In the event a student’s appearance detracts from the educational process, constitutes a threat to the safety and health of himself or others, or is in violation of lawful statutes, the school district will take corrective action.

It is the responsibility of the student and parent that the student comply the guidelines of this dress code.

The Board of School Committee has established the following guidelines to assist students in their understanding of the dress code policy:

1. Clothing, jewelry, tattoos, or accessories, which through word or design, display the following:

  • Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or other drugs
  • Sexual references and/or language
  • Symbols of group affiliation identification (as defined in Students 124-Gang Activity/Secret Societies/Group Affiliations)
  • Intolerance or lack of respect to others on the basis of gender race, religion, ethnic, social, sexual preference, disability or economic background are inappropriate and prohibited.
  • All tattoos which are not in compliance with the above-stated guidelines must be covered.

2. Clothing that exposes the chest, abdomen, midriff, genital area or buttocks, including, but not limited to the following, is not permitted:

• Spaghetti straps

• Tube tops

• Backless tops

• Halter tops

• Muscle-type tops (e.g. basketball jerseys, sleeveless undershirt) without a garment underneath

• Pants or shorts not cinched at the top of the hips

• Exposed undergarments

• Lingerie or pajamas worn as outer garments

• Shorts, skirts, or slits in shorts and skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh or fingertip length

• Fabrics that are see-through or transparent

• Tight lycra, spandex, or similar material

3. Sunglasses/colored glasses are prohibited unless prescribed or authorized by a physician.

4. Head coverings (including hats, head stockings, bandanas, or sweatbands) shall not be worn in school except for religious, cultural or medical purposes.

5. Footwear must be worn at all times. Flip flops are prohibited in grades Pre K through 5.

6. Safety/protective clothing and footwear, as well as athletic and gym clothing and sneakers, shall be worn as required by the subject teacher or organization adviser while students are participating in specialized activities. Students wearing a hairstyle that presents a hazard to the learning environment will conform to safety standards as required by the subject teacher.

7. Students shall not wear accessories or clothing that could pose a potential danger to themselves, others, and/or property. This includes heavy chains, spiked bracelets, and/or other items of dress.

8. Students whose appearance detracts from the educational process shall be given the following options before returning to class:

• Cover the inappropriate attire with appropriate attire

• Call home to secure appropriate attire

• Cover the inappropriate attire with school tee-shirt

9. Tears or holes in clothing that are patched are acceptable.

10.The Superintendent shall develop regulations with

specific consequences to enforce this dress code.

Revised From: 1/05

First Reading Coordination: 6/14/10

Second Reading and Adoption by BOSC: 6/14/10