Parent/ Student/ Teacher Talk Time...

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:03 AM by Patricia McGilvray
Choose one or two of the following prompts to ask your child/student at the end of each day.  This will help to build school - home conversations.

*Teach me something you learned today.  Pretend you are the teacher and I'm you.
*Tell me how you were a flexible learner today.
*What skill did you learn today that you think you will need for your career?  How will you use it?
*Tell me about a mistake you made today.  What did you learn from it?
*Tell me about a responsible choice you made today.  What happened because of it?
*Why did you choose the book you are reading?  Tell me what you enjoy about it.
*What problem did you have today and how big was that problem.  (Big, Little, Glitch)?
*What skill did you practice in Math today?  How do you plan to get better at it?
*What is one fun thing you did today?